Our production model inspired by traditional aquaculture, where the water was only renewed through the tides, allows us to use a renewable energy source to achieve high rates of water renewal without causing any ecological footprint.

The production of Pescado da Maré ® (Fish from the sea), in a semi-intensive regime, allows the food diet of our fish to be complemented with food that enters with water, and which grows naturally in the tanks, such as shrimps, polychaetes, algae, bivalves, crabs and others.

Tidal tanks will recreate the cycle and natural environment of the fish in the estuary and marsh areas, allowing fish to behave in the same way as wild fish. The feeding is complemented with natural food, which gives our fishes the appearance and to the meat the flavor and consistency identical to wild fish, resulting in a meat rich in Omega 3 and other polyunsaturated oils.

The fattening tanks were old salinas that were converted into fish tanks, and were constructed only with the land existing in the Sapal, which allows to offer to the fish a natural environment (as for example with water that enters in the tanks also enter juveniles fishes wild flounders or eels, which then grow naturally within the tanks until they reach commercial size.

Another crucial feature for the quality of our sea bream and bass is the reduced number of fish per tank, which allows them to have space to swim, rest and feed freely. This allows the meat a greater consistency and a uniform distribution of fat, achieving an identical quality to wild fish.

Our juveniles of sea bream and bass come from the best certified maternities, guaranteeing their biological and food safety, through the screening and traceability processes, thus reducing the pressure on wild fish stocks.

We consider fishing as critical process in order to guarantee the quality of our fish. This is why it is done in the early hours of the day and using a traditional fishing net.

After the siege, the fish is placed as quickly as possible in cold water, which allows them to die from thermal shock and not by asphyxiation or exhaustion, ensuring a rapid death and maintaining their characteristics and nutrients for a longer period of time.

Then the fish is packed in a room, where all the parameters are controlled to guarantee quality and food safety for our customers, according to the HAACP standarts. Packaging is carried out in a modern fish calibration and sorting line using the latest technology available on the market.

Only in this way our Pescado da Maré ® (Fish from the sea) can ensure the traceability and monitoring standarts of food quality throughout the production cycle.

More recently, we diversified our production by dedicating three tanks for the production of oysters. Our oysters are oysters with a quality and quantity of meat that allow them to be classified as special oysters.