The aquaculture facility is located in the Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António Natural Reserve and consists of 20 fish tanks, 3 bivalve tanks and 6 pre-fattening fish ponds, covering a total of 35 hectares. It has a modern packaging room equipped with the latest technology.

Built in the 1980s through the reconversion of existing salt flats, it was originally designed for shrimp production. However, in the 90’s it was adapted for the production of sea bream and bass. In 2013, it was converted into a unique model, where water is renewed using only the energy of the tides, which allows a greener production model.

Our fish is of recognized quality, originated by the production model and the high quality of the water and the abundance of natural food, which allow the production of fish of the same taste and appearance as the wild ones.

The company is equipped with a packaging room that complies with HAACP standards in order to ensure food safety for all our customers.